The recruitment services at G.A.S. Global were established upon the company’s founding ideal: Dedicated to Manpower. Committed to People. Instead of spreading time and resources across multiple careers, G.A.S. recruiters are discipline focused.

The G.A.S. Global recruiters bring a deep understanding of the industry’s people and projects to our manpower solutions: they know industry standards required of professionals as well as new certifications/software within their disciplines. When working on a job opportunity, our recruiters evaluate a candidate’s experience and expertise in relation to the type, phase and location of a project.

G.A.S. recruiters have long-standing relationships with professionals throughout the energy industry as well as a growing network of industry experts. While online advertising, job boards, e-mail campaigns and social media are common tools used throughout the recruitment process, G.A.S. Global is dedicated to perpetual success and has people centered recruitment initiatives  encompassing a variety of media and tools:

  1. A proprietary database of resumes is regularly updated with information not readily accessible to the rest of the industry: a retired Structural Engineer who is open to contract assignments that are less than a year or an Electrical Engineer who is open to relocating.
  2. Consistent communication between our recruiters and employees, former employees and potential candidates.
  3. Recruiting “hot lists,” in-house reporting and market research are used to actively build candidate pipelines for current and potential needs.
  4. Regular happy hours, lunch events and various celebrations are held throughout the year to celebrate what makes G.A.S. Global successful: : its people.

Dedicated to perpetual success, we are always identifying and cultivating new avenues to grow our network, promote our jobs and cultivate existing relationships.

Learn more about our people focused recruiting.

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Established in 1970, G.A.S. has been providing the oil and gas industry with recruitment services for nearly half a century. Headquartered in Houston, Texas more.

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