We do more than recruit for your manpower needs. We manage employment from start to completion with human resource services developed around our unwavering commitment to people. We offer unparalleled customer service throughout employment reducing the time and resources you spend on locating, hiring and managing employees.

Exceptional human resource services are key to superior manpower solutions. After candidates are recruited and an offer is extended, G.A.S. Global manages a thorough on-boarding process which includes employment and criminal background checks as well as drug and alcohol screening (and any additional client mandatory screening).

Dedicated to quality, efficiency and responsiveness, G.A.S. Global manages employment with superior human resource capabilities focused on people. Each employee has the option to receive a comprehensive benefits package. Furthermore, liability insurance and workers’ compensation are covered by G.A.S. Global. In case of any issues, employee grievance resolution services are provided.

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • In-Country Payroll Services
  • Liability Insurance
  • Pre-Employment Testing/Screening
  • Visa/Work Permits
  • Workers Compensation
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