our_location24-hours a day, 5 days a week, G.A.S. Global works around the clock to support the energy industry’s manpower needs, because a global market doesn’t sleep! Learn more about our Global Resource Center.

Welcome to the Global Resource Center (GRC). Located in Bucharest, Romania, the GRC’s strategic location and hours of operations enhance G.A.S. Global’s manpower solutions bringing increased benefits to clients’ manpower investment. The GRC was established upon G.A.S. Global’s dedication to manpower and commitment to people. Functioning as a full-service center 24-hours a day, the GRC improves logistics and communication effectively reducing turn-around time and ensuring the best solutions are provided for manpower needs:

  • Sourcing and recruitment support
  • Logistics and travel support
  • Payroll and tax support
  • Bureaucratic and legal support

The GRC enhances overall manpower efforts – domestically and globally. Over 30 global recruiters work rotationally at the GRC to ensure job orders receive around the clock coverage and access to a global talent pool. In addition, human resources, legal and accounting specialists work on rotating shifts providing full coverage to manpower needs and supporting operations around the world.

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