“You don’t build a business. You build people. And then people build that business.” – Zig Ziglar

G.A.S. is committed to people. We exert our fullest efforts in utilizing all of our global resources to maintain client and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, we maintain consistent endeavors focused on developing and expanding our services and partnerships to better meet the growing demand of a competitive market.

In 1970, G.A.S. Global established business operations to provide the Energy Industry with quality recruitment services. Today, we remain diligent in the quality of services we provide and dedicated to consistently growing our manpower solutions. G.A.S. Global has business committees devoted to identifying, developing and evaluating business processes. These committees – comprised of experienced members of management – track procedures to ensure the highest quality of manpower solutions are being provided to the energy industry. G.A.S. Global listens to clients and employees, turning feedback into avenues for change and developments.

We guarantee the safety of our employees in coordination with our partners and clients. It is our goal:

• To provide safe and healthy work environments for our employees.
• To become a leader in the industry, establishing standards at the highest level.
• To maintain a uniformity of performance and behavioral-based safety programs.
• To meet necessary compliance laws set forth by government authorities.

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