7 Interview Tips to Set you Apart

Your cover letter and resume are important. Utilizing your network is also essential when seeking a career change/new job. However, it is also essential to prepare for the interview as much as one prepares for applying to a job.

1. What Tips are Interviewers Given? Have you read tips for the interviewee? Have you ever read the advice for the interviewers?  Reading tips for  interviewers helps you understand what they look for in a job candidate and helps you prepare for potential questions. 

2. Practice Being the Interviewer. Hiring managers who have done several interviews claim to not be as nervous during their own job interviews. By playing the interviewer yourself, you will become more comfortable with the interview process. Try to find a friend someone to “role-play” an interview.

3. Have Answers Prepared. If there's a specific area of questioning that you're especially nervous about? You'll be asked. Well, at least assume you will.  Practice your answer – over and over again.

4. Get in and Get Out…Early. The sooner the interview happens the less it will consume your thoughts throughout the day, which means less anxiety and nerves.

5. Know Who Will Be Asking the Questions. It's okay to request who you will be conducting the interview. This will allow you to prepare for a one-on-one interview or a panel interview. Furthermore, you can look up the interviewer(s) and get more information about what they do and how it would relate to your role.

6. References are Better Spoken than Written. Hiring managers prefer to speak with your references, so they can ask the questions and probe for additional information. Skip the letters, and wait to be asked for reference(s) contact information.

7. Don't Stress. Don't agonize over the interview or second guess how it went. Instead, focus on other things. It's okay to make a note to follow-up if you haven't heard back in two weeks.

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