5 Reasons you should be on LinkedIn

It is a mistake to think of LinkedIn as a giant job board and your profile as just another resume. The power of any social networking tool is in the actual networking. So, if you are employed and don’t have a LinkedIn account you should consider creating one.

Here are the reasons:

1.       You need to have a large network so you can use it later

Imagine you just lost your job and you online have 10 LinkedIn connections and you then realize you should have invested more time in that. So don’t wait and increase your list of connections.

It’s always better to dig your well before you need to drink from it. If you haven’t been building social equity with your network, you’ll have little to draw from later. So don’t wait until you need it. Build a strong network on LinkedIn now. Be active. Provide value. Stay in touch.

2.       You never know when the opportunity knocks at your door. Employers are always looking for passive candidates

At any given time, 70 percent of your colleagues are looking for a job, but “smart companies realize that to hire the best and brightest, they must target candidates not actively looking for new jobs,” Dan Shapero, vice president of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, tells us. These are the passive jobseekers and it's a lot easier to find them now because of LinkedIn and other professional networking sites.

Companies who seek this type of candidates are willing to pay you more than what you are making now in order to have on their team. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you are reducing your chances of being discovered and having the opportunity to make more money.

3.       Industry groups can offer you value and connection

Groups on LinkedIn have really matured. The discussions are more engaging and the quality of the contest has improved. Not only will you be exposed to news, and new ideas, but you’ll have a chance to demonstrate your expertise through commenting and discussion

4.       Keep your resume updated just in case

Keep your resume updated and writing a new one will be that much easier. Instead of staring at a blank piece of paper trying to remember your start and stop dates, you’ll just check your profile and know. Look, you never know when you’ll need a resume. Most employment these days is at-will. Your company doesn’t need any reason to let you go tomorrow. Be ready.

5.        Read the news feed for your industry

The average time spent on LinkedIn is just over four minutes per visit. The company finds this dismal fact upsetting, and does what it can to keep you on. And some of the ways it does that are actually quite good. You can get customized news delivered daily. Based on your industry, the types of articles you share, and who is in your network, your daily news feed is likely going to inform you of things you should know about your job.

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